I'm making The Turtle's Journey for Tim--instead of making it in one solid piece, though, I'm making it in three pieces and will sew them together.

This is because of the yarn--I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and this yarn is known to be a bit bleed-y--the dye runs for the first several washings. So I'll wash and block them separately and then sew them together--I'm using three different colors--two blues and a neutral.

I did the third panel first--the 'waves' that the turtles journey to:

This is a good approximation of the color

And a close up of the waves:

I am not a bit fan of lace but I can definitely do lace if I'm not using lace weight--I'm pretty sure that this is pretty much error free and if it was lace weight it would be incredibly wonky.

I hope your knitting is going as well as this!


kathy b said…
Wow So much turtle love. Dee posted about a tortoise or a turtle. My son saw many at a sea turtle farm in mexico. Now this! Turtles are such cool creatures. If they are your spirit totem you have your home on your back and can feel at home anywhere. NOT MY TOTEM that's certain, but I love them anyhow