Meme time!

From Kathy at

1 Favorite way to show your holiday cards off: This one has always stumped me--I really don't know--sometimes we put them on ribbons and sometimes not--I kind of want one of those wreaths where you stick all the cards in it--what do you do?

2 Music solo: piano or violin or guitar? Love them all but probably guitar!

3 Fingerless or mittens? Fingerless! I have many pairs and love them--they are generally perfect for weather here. I do have mittens for those times when mittens are needed.

4 Tinsel or garland? We use neither one--tinsel is bad for cats and we don't have places to drape garland.

5 Ham or turkey? We do a beef tenderloin for Christmas but if I had to choose it would definitely be turkey

6 Snowman or Santa? Depends on the context but I'll go with snowman.

7 Brunch or dinner? One of my favorite foods is eggs benedict and if you put spinach on it and serve it with hash browns I'm in heaven--so that would be brunch

8 Placemats or tablecloth--placemats for most of the time (I have counted cross stitch placemats that I made years ago from a Mary Engelbriet pattern.

9 Wrapping paper or gift bags? Again--neither! We wrap the gifts for one another in fabric that we reuse every year. I guess gifts for others (that aren't mail ordered) are in paper though.

10 Candles or fire in the fireplace? We have a gas fireplace and we love it--candles tend to be used for blackouts!


kathy b said…
How wonderful that you played my meme game. I have trouble with the card display too. We should invent the perfect way and make a million okay?
KSD said…
VERY twinnish answers, right down to the Eggs Benedict. I love me some Eggs Benedict.