Thursday Catch Up

It is 7am here and still very very dark--I think it is raining out too--and I guess we are officially in the 'pre winter' season as the planet prepares for the solstice in a few weeks. We (especially Tim) are so busy (ok Tim is really busy, I'm just kinda busy) that we'll pack all of our holiday-ing in the week before Christmas (although we might get the tree up this week).

First as promised: a (an?) FO:

This is the 'Father Hat' from Ravelry done in the 'large slouchy' option. Tim has kind of a large head and needs a big hat. I'm not sure if he will wear this as a 'slouchy' hat or if he'll pull it down over his ears and turn up the brim for extra warmth. He'll like it. The cables were fun to work and this hat went pretty fast. I like knitting hats and find I tend to wear them more than I did as a younger person. I think I'm less worried about Hat Hair (still get it mostly though I just don't care).

Books: I gave up on "Undermajordomo Minor" and instead read "The Other Sister"  which was sort of interesting but got really dull at the end (here's a twist NO here's a twist NO here's a twist). Now I'm reading an older novel (2007) called "Posh" which is OK. I have the new book on the Salem witches that I might dive into this weekend before the grading begins.

Tonight is the symphony--an all American program with singing of some of the American songbook. That should be fun. Next week we have tickets to YoYo Ma which I'm really looking forward to!

I knit on the sweater with the cable yoke yesterday and figured out if I use a removable stitch marker (safety pin) I have a bit more control over the pattern. I have a LOT of 'wrong' crosses on it--but that's life isn't it? I'll deal with it at some point (hello duplicate stitch!).

So that is all from here--for now---


Anonymous said…
The hat looks very snuggly!
Bridget said…
That is a great hat - the color, the cables, I love it!
kathy b said…
That hat is winter/holiday cheer !!!