Wednesday What's Up!

All kinds of stuff happening at my house! OK not really--it is pretty quiet because Tim is away and I'm done with school and ON SABBATICAL yay! I met with one of my co-authors yesterday and got a few things organized. Another co-author is reviewing the organic chapter that is due in January. And I even looked at a third piece that should be done in March, kind of sighed and thought 'maybe later'. So that's kind of on top of things, right?

I'm going to knit "A Turtle's Journey" blanket for Tim. I had a bit of a dilemma because I have yarn for it--Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece--but then I remembered that some of my yarn is 'seconds' and apt to bleed. Since this blanket has three distinct sections in three distinct colors (one of which will be white) I had a moment of panic thinking 'what if one bleeds into the other'? 

Then I realized that there are three major sections of this and even though I could knit them together I could also knit them separately, wash and block them separately (and get all the color out!) and then sew together. So I started:

This is the 'last' section which is waves (the first is sand and the second is turtles). Here's a close up of one and a half pattern repeats

There's five stitches of moss stitch on either side. So basically know I have four major projects on the needles in various degrees of mindlessness:

-Koto (pretty mindless)
-Colorwork Vamping scarf (semi mindless)
-Cable mitts (concentration required)
-Lace part of blanket (concentration plus)

That seems like a good variety of things but there are two things I also want to cast on: a Kieran Foley shawl in turquoise kidsilk haze and a slip stitch cowl in a rainbow sock yarn. Plus my cable shawl. But I'll try to finish one of the above before I cast on.

In other news--I won a contest and got this beauty:

560 or so yards of silk/wool laceweight that is just gorgeous! What should I make with it? Suggestions welcome.

In OTHER news--I got a call last Friday to see if I would be interested in doing a workshop for the Lane Arts Council (Lane is our county) on "Marketing your art". It is about--marketing art for artists. I met with the Council yesterday and went over some of my ideas and their ideas and have an outline for the workshop--which should be very fun! I'm excited to do it and to give back to our community.

I know some artists read this--so if you have any marketing success stories/tips let me know!


kathy b said…
Your community WORKSHOP sound energizing! Love it. Laceweight...hmmmm, I knit a TUTTO scarf and It came out light as a cloud. ITo made the pattern but I didnt use their yarn
elns said…
I'm glad you're on sabbatical sounds like you're starting off on a lovely time. The knitting is looking really good. and I like your mod thinking. It makes perfect sense to me. The workshop for the Lane Arts council sounds great! It's wonderful they have reached out to you and you're interested to boot!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like your sabbatical will be full of wooly goodness.
rosy said…
Oh I'm pleased too that you are on Sabbatical (although I'm not really sure exactly what that entails). Hope you are able to relax over Christmas ~ I'm sure it will be lovey and cosy in your house!