First Day!

It is the first day of my sabbatical and it is 10:30 am. Today I have already:
  • Worked out to a DVD for the first time in a year ("Dance with Me" for half an hour) and it didn't kill me.
  • Submitted a review for a journal article (albeit it was a short article)
  • Wrote half a chapter for new book
  • Got an idea for another chapter in the shower.
In addition I won two levels of Papa Pear.
I may enjoy this sabbatical very much!
Yesterday we spent a few hours organizing our office (Tim and I share an office and it was--well--messy. My desk is still messy but his is neat as a pin.) Here is my newest organization scheme:
These plastic storage boxes came from the local True Value. Each box holds a project. I am pretty good about putting things in folders but I have too many articles and notes for a single folder for each now each project gets its own box. The ones you can see are labeled "Biomimicry", "Green" "Crowds" and "EWom" and the ones you can't read well are labeled "Flags", "Opinion Leaders" "Big Data" and "Creativity". So now you know what I am up to!

Yesterday I also finished the first of two mitts:

It needs blocking and weaving in. The part of the office you can see is the messy corner of Hell that we need to take care eventually. The corner holds an old monitor and tax stuff. I think we use the monitor to look at the video on our security cameras.

That statement is kind of obnoxious--we don't live in a palace or anything, we live on a dead end street that sees a fair share of pilfering. So the cameras are a deterrent.

Kathy posted a new meme on knit habits:

1. Do you have a bad habit? I'm not sure meant a knitting habit but my bad knitting habit is I don't weave in ends on socks. I AM GOING TO HELL.

2. Do you have to hide your knitting projects from pets? Sometimes. They more enjoy picking up balls or skeins of yarn and running around like crazy things with it. Dogs that is. Cats don't care.

3. Do you cheat when you cable? No, I'm a pretty solid pattern follower.
4. Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? Kind of. I try to remember to ask for a moment until I get to a stopping place. And sometimes that happens!
5. Do you fall for Knit Kits? Not really--I've bought a few things with yarn AND beads because it is hard to get the correct bead if you don't understand the bead lingo, but on the whole I prefer to pick my own yarn for a pattern. 

And to end with--find the animal in the photo above. Go!


kathy b said…
I see the woodpecker!!!
Thanks for enjoying the meme!
I dont weave in socks ends if there is just a start and finish either!
Maybe we'll meet in the afterlife!
Bridget said…
Wow you are on fire, getting things done - yay! I love the ram on your new header.

Thanks for the meme, I want to try it. :-)
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous animal!!!! Do you know what kind that is?

Enjoy your sabbatical. Sounds like you've made a great start.
elns said…
Your first day sounds fantastic. I love it, productive but it also sounds enjoyable! I hope your entire sabbatical is just as great if not better.

I loved Kathy's meme/list too. I'm pretty true to patterns in general as well. I'm literal and I don't think I have the brain smarts and energy to fuss otherwise.

Happy New Year!