Saturday, February 20, 2016

This Scarf

It is done!

Here it is blocking--I'll get a big picture when it is dry. This will need at minimum a steam press but it may take a block with blocking wires. However, it is too cold and damp to use blocking wires so we'll see what happens.

I'm not sure what I'll start next, but I'm guessing it will have to do with socks. Nothing is jumping out at me as a must knit--there is also a summer top from Knit Picks that I have bamboo yarn for but that looks like nonstop stockinette so yawn on that.

I'm reading a book called "What She Left" which is kind of interesting--it is a mystery about why a young reporter died (found in a cold river) and it is done through emails, texts, blogs etcetera. Kind of fun. And at the center is a college professor (a very stereotypical sleep-with-your-students professor) so there's that.

Oh--the symphony. It was interesting. The percussion thing turned out to be a piece that was primarily percussion. There were big bowls of water and some of the 'music' was percussionists flipping their hands around in the big bowls of water. And then at the end the bowls of water had dry ice put in them and voila fog. It was a bit gimmicky. But some of the percussion stuff was cool--the three percussionists used an instrument I had never seen, which looked like a bird cage.  I just googled it but I can't find out what it was. So anyway, it was kind of interesting but also gimmicky. Not my favorite. But the concert ended with 'Suite from the Firebird' so that was nice.


Alison said...

This mysterious musical instrument made me curious, so I searched around a bit and have a guess. Was it a waterphone?

Kim in Oregon said...

Yes, I think it was a waterphone:

I thought it was closed at both ends but it was dark and we were far away from it. So definitely think it was a waterphone. Thanks Alison!

KSD said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous scarf.

Slowly approaching a new rabbit hole