Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Here is what Valentine's morning looked like:

Cards and chocolate. Just the way we like it. Toffee to Tim from me, a chocolate covered tart cherry and a block of dark and white chocolate stamped with lovebirds for me. And very sweet cards.

Last night we watched "The Martian" and I continued with the Whakata Shawl . The beta version was supposedly free only through 1/29 but you can still download it for free today--it is a nice pattern.

It is actually fairly easy to knit while watching tv, even complex tv like "The Martian."

I hope everh day is lovely and love-filled.

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kathy b said...

Love your shawl! i liked the Martian but did t love it. Im not such a science fiction fan. A neighbor had us for dinner last night and gave us cyclamen plants in a pretty red!

Casting on!