ToT: The Calm the F&%* Down Edition

Well, that's not EXACTLY how Carole framed the prompt for today but that is in general how I think about it. It often seems that either I am having to calm the f*&@ down or I'm telling someone else to do it. OK that's an exaggeration. Let's say instead that I can get wrought up pretty easily.

1. Breathe. It is a cliche but it is a cliche because it works.
2. Just stop. I stop what ever I'm doing and then I breathe.
3. Eat. I know I shouldn't but sometimes crunching on goldfish (the cracker kind) gets that stress out.
4. Walk the dogs. They know something is up when we are moving very fast around the neighborhood. Luckily they don't ask a lot of questions and always keep up.
5. Write an email and not send it. Or write a post/response to a blog in my head and not post it.
6. Alternatively, write something and show it to someone (Tim, or my friend Lauren) and see if it is too nasty. Revise if necessary. It is always necessary.
7. Pull weeds. Yay spring!
8. Stop and think about all the nice things in my life. And baby rabbits.
9. Journal it (if I can find the journal, and if I can't...argh!).
10. Scream, but only in my head.


Donna said…
I like the idea of pulling weeds. Productive and calming. I usually go for eating though. Good list!
Bonny said…
I'm a stress eater, too, which in turn leads to more stress .... but, awww, baby rabbits!
Bridget said…
Baby rabbits are the best.
kathy b said…
awww walking the dogs is good
Combing the cats
a nice cold diet coke
AsKatKnits said…
Thank you for posting the most honest "calm down" post ever! Yes! To all of the above!
Rachel said…
I second AsKatKnits -- I love how honest this post was. I love 5 and 6 and do this all the time (sending to John [unless he's the target!] to have him tell me 'tone it down'). OR I turn up the music real loud, turn off the lights and have an imaginary, out-loud argument with the person. Which may make me a little crazy but it helps me not direct it at that person.

I also exercise quite intensely and it's funny when I'm with someone doing that. Before my friend moved away, we'd hike this hill often. And when I was wound up, she'd have to yell at me to slow down because I was about running up the hill not even noticing it!