Almost nothing

I've got almost nothing for you today. Well I have this:
This yarn is so fiddly, I really can't make any good progress on it. In a two hour block, I can get maybe six or eight rows done. I keep plugging though because I love the idea of a light summer scarf and the deconstructed nature is cool. At least to me.

We have three weeks of school left (then finals week) and I'm at the place where all I can do is grade. Next week: three senior thesis defenses. Week after that: at least one thesis defense and one PhD proposal defense. I'm still waiting for a few people to finish and then comes the fun of grading my class. So that is me for the next few weeks.

I don't have a whole lot of plans for the summer--I got a lot of research done during the sabbatical and have one or two new projects in the works, and then some work with grad students. But only one project 'starting up' and that is a good feeling--I feel in a bit more control than I usually do this close to the summer. I also have a lot of reading to do, mostly around the topic of communication and science--I'll be teaching a class on that next year. I meant to do a lot of reading over the sabbatical but that was not to be.

The last Symphony concert of the season was last night--the orchestra played Beethoven's 9th Symphony (Ode to Joy) and it was wonderful. The first 'half' was a premiere done by a colleague at the music school who is kind of a jerk and so that colored my enjoyment of the piece.  But the Beethoven was terrific.

Not many plans for the weekend--it is supposed to rain and Tim has a lot of work to do (and I could spend some time working too).  What are you doing?


kathy b said…
I love Beethovens 9th!!!! Ive been listening to a classical cd that Judy brought me from her choir. Oh my they are good