Kathy's meme today is all about big.  To begin, here are our BIG rhodies in bloom (always a crapshoot--some years they are gorgeous, some years blah).
*1 What is the bulkiest yarn with which you have knitted or crocheted? 
I've knit with plain old bulky, mostly early in my knitting life.

*2 What is the biggest size needle you've worked?  I did something on 17s once.

*3 Tell me about the WHOLE Enchilada...I like chicken enchiladas but I like burritos better.

*4 Would you rather wear a bulky bracelet, bulky earrings or a bulky ring?  This is easy--bracelet. I don't wear rings other than my wedding + engagement rings and my earlobe holes are stretched out so I can't wear bulky earrings.

*5 Name something oversized that you own and love? Jessie Cat is a bit oversized. We also have a very high bed that I love. 

*6 Which is bigger,  The number of Projects on your Ravelry project pages or the number of patterns you have faved? I don't really use those features--I've stopped posting project pictures since Flickr got all messed up, and I do favorite things I like when I remember to--so yeah.

*7  What is the biggest vegetable you have grown?  On purpose? Nothing.Volunteer? Wild artichoke.

*8  How large is your stash? It is big. Big big big. For the past year I have only bought yarn that I needed to finish a project. I can see that the amount is reducing but not as quickly as I'd like.

 *9 What's the longest vacation you have ever taken? Two weeks--we were in NZ for two weeks, I went to England and Ireland for two weeks when I was 28 and went to London and then on a transatlantic cruise when I was 26 (working backwards here obviously).

*10 What is longest you have gone without talking to another human being? When I lived alone in Boston, I could probably go an entire Sunday without talking to someone. I didn't think about it until I thought "oh I haven't spoken out loud all day."