Update: No cria, but I do have a mitten.

It is now post-solstice--and that means the cria should be here soon. I'm eager to meet the new little one!

I finished the first mitten of the 12 days of Christmas mitten KAL. The first one does not look that great.

The pear is not pear shaped and the whole thing is a bit wonky, which means I'll probably re-knit this one once I get my two color knitting game down. It is hard! I didn't do any of the things you are supposed to do like twist things around etc. So I need to really focus a bit more and hope #2 looks better. Argh.

I really am not good at this, but I am committed to working on it.

OK what else? I'm working on two manuscript revisions and are pretty close with both of them. I've been doing good walks and then exercising in the mornings, so that's good. It has been nice and cool so that's good too.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


kathy b said…
I like it Sometimes we are too critical of our own knitting. Hang on it is good!
We are getting blasted with rain and lightening but no wind.
Rachel said…
I agree with kathy -- we are our own harshest critic -- I think it looks good! however, I love that even though you don't think you do colorwork very well, you are committed to doing better! Inspiring....
KSD said…
You are a braver knitter than I, dear Twinnie.