Fiber FWPs

Fiber FWP #1: whenever I block this, it keeps changing size:
Irina! Yes it is finished and I love it (I'm olding my arm awkwardly so you can see the sleeve, but I'm not sure if you can). This came together pretty quickly and I modified the neckline. It is now blocked at a size I ike but I worry it will never look like this again.

Fiber FWP #2: I got out the swift and ball winder to wind up some yarn. I had six skeins I wanted to wind. I started at about 3:30 thinking it would take about half an hour total to do it. Well, my friends, of the six skeins, only two went lickety split. Three got all kerfluffled and I had to take everything off--I finished two myself and Tim was working on the third last evening. The sixth skein--it didn't even want to sit nicely on the swift. Argh. Argh argh argh.

Fiber FWP #3: The only thing I like about winding yarn is that I can sit with a good book while I crank the ball winder. I'm really enjoying "The Hopefuls" by Jennifer Close--about the lives of young DC residents during the Obama registration--but only could read like ten pages yesterday due to FWP #3. I hope to take some time and finish it today.

So I'm ready to cast on for some new stuff, as right now I have a sock and a cable sweater OTN (and all the WIPs I'm hiding from in the yarn room). So that should be exciting to see!


KSD said…
Love it, love it, love it. That blue is just beautiful.