Aloha part 2

We are doing laundry, organizing our stuff, cleaning up and getting ready to come home tomorrow--Hawaii is so beautiful but I miss the dogs and cats and will be glad to be home.

We went to a luau earlier this week---we had been to one in Honolulu (at the Hilton Hawaiian Village) and were looking forward to this one too (at the Hilton Waikoloa Village). They were very different--the Honolulu one was huge and very 'theatrical' with a cast of 12 or so and many many costume changes--the theme was the history of Polynesia. This one was much smaller and more intimate, and focused on legends of the Big Island. The cast was smaller but very talented.

Tim and I both agreed that the food at this one was much better than the other and the drinks were nonstop and free! We sat next to a young Japanese couple with a one year old baby who was thrilled to spend some of the show sitting with me!

She has a great sense of rhythm and she loves the Fire Dancers! Here is one of them below:

Yes my leg is warapped up (I bet you didn't even notice that) since I had slipped on the lava beach while we were snorkeling with sea turtles---FWP! Here is an excerpt from the fire dance!


KSD said…
A baby offering to spend time with you is a real ego boost, isn't it?

And, yes, I noticed your leg wrap. Twinnies care.
kathy b said…
aw, Sorry about your leg! That baby is adorable
elns said…
I don't know who looks more adorable you or the baby. So cute and you look like you are genuinely having a great time. I have a bad habit of wanting to smell baby heads. Take care of your leg as it heals. I'm sorry you got hurt, but don't let it get infected. Yes, I know obvious and stupid words but I can't help myself. I'm in sMother mode. I blame the baby photo ;)