We have been on the Big Island for a week now and are lucky to have a few days left in our vacation--on Monday we'll head over to Volcano National Park for two nights and then come back here on Wednesday to fly home Thursday.

I thougt you might enjoy to see some pictures so far! I haven't taken a lot but here you go:

 These little Geckos are everywhere

 View from our villa--our good friend Steve gifted us the use of his villa for our vacation!

 Sunsets are different every night and absolutely beautiful!

 This is a night heron.
 Yep another one!

 Hawaii hair don't care

 This sunset is from the pool at 'the club'

 We went to Merriman's in Waimea--our first time at a restaurant wtih one Michelin Star. It was delicious!
 Oh hi pretty sunset

 Gone the sun
 We went snorkeling at this amazing beach today--Mauna Lani!

 Near Mauna Lani is a Petroglyph park--te rest of this post is just Petroglyphs so if they bore you then you can just end the post here!

The beach we went to yesterday had wild goats at the entrance!


kathy b said…
Aloha. WILD goats. Love it. SUnsets..keep them coming. Pineapple ? IT is the BEST in hawaii
KSD said…
The Tim just lost brother-in-law points for showing off that gecko. Those things skeeve me out.
elns said…
I really loved the Big Island. It looks like you are having some magical times! So jealous but so happy for you! I feel kinda refreshed just looking at the lovely photos.