Back to it

Argh. As much as I enjoy kayaking this river of de Nile, I have to go back to work today. Double whammy of end of summer and end of vacation--ick.

Kathy of course has stuff to ask:

1. Are more likely to burn your tongue on dinner, or sit down to it already cold? 
(Definitely burn my tongue)

2. Do you own a pencil?
(I"m a professor, of course I do! I just never use them, except to fill out bubble forms.) 

3. When are you most likely to drop a stitch ? : 
during hat decrease?  in a complicated repeat that requires frogging to fix? knitting with zeros...period.
(When I knit lace, of course!) 

4. Last board or card game you played? 
(Hmm. I don't think Bananagrams counts as either, and that is about the only game we play.)

5. Flambeau

or Going to Seed. (socks that rock) 
(The red one)

SimplySockYarn Hedgehogfibers:

 Skinny Nutmeg 

or Fools Gold 

(Neither of these floats my boat--although if forced I would pick Fools Gold).

7.  Yarn barn kits

Cabled scarf or 


(The left one.) 

8. koliage or knitters pride needles? 

(I'm loyal to two needles: Susan Bates Casein and red Chio Goo circulars) 

9.  Cream, Half and half or Coffeemate?

(2% here). 

 Fresh Flowers
Walk in the Winter

(Definitely Fresh Flowers, WAlk in the Winter is too green for me).

Enjoy the visuals of the yarn today.  It is hard to beat looking at yarn isn't it? 


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