Farewell to summer

I"m back to work (classes start Monday--had an all day 'retreat' yesterday and a half day one tomorrow) and have dove back in to my academic work after our vacation.

For whatever reason, it is taking me longer to process big evens this year--I'm still processing the events with the 'pacas and processing Hawaii too. You are so close to nature there---it really is different in daily life terms to have the ocean so close and volcanoes right there (the lava levels in Kilauea Volcano were really high--we could see the lava bubbling up at the Visitor's Center a mile from the caldera). My highlights: snorkeling with green sea turtles, getting more comfortable snorkeling with reef fish, and petroglyphs (we visited three different petroglyph sites, all with different information about what the petroglyphs were doing there). We also took an inflatable kayak tour through sugar planation irrigation ditches and that was fascinating.

There were disappointments, of course, and they seemed to get magnified a bit this trip, but that's a lesson as well.

The dogs did great with their pet sitter Zach, and he did great with them.

I knit about four rows the entire trip.

I got home eager to finish my cable sweater, and went to pick up the second sleeve and was impressed by how far I got on it before I left. And then I went to look for the first sleeve--and couldn't find it. Yes, I did not finish the first sleeve before I left. But it is done now:

Is that upside down I can't tell and I'm too lazy to check.

Anyway--I'm 1/6 of the way through the final sleeve.

Hope all is well with you!


kathy b said…
Welcome back home . HOw is new Alpaca doing?? im thinking of you!!
KSD said…
The key to our successful twinnitude: we always choose the other yarn. No fighting over colorways!
Rachel said…
So much has happened in your world since I last checked in. You finished an amazing sweater (I finally found it on ravelry and I may end up casting on one this winter...). You bought a new alpaca and bred her (do you know if she took yet??). And you had what appears to be an amazing trip to Hawaii! Thanks for sharing the pictures...John and I went ages ago and we've been talking that we really should go back again. And I wouldn't worry about the processing time...I know for me at least, when something like that happens, it seems like a long time before things align again...