Hello Rosalind

It has seemed like forever since I worked on anything other than Kathy's Cable Sweater, but I got to revisit Rosalind Franklin for a while:

This has very interesting construction, as the scarf changes direction for the second half. I'll do one more repeat on the whole chart and then start the second half.

I got home from work yesterday with a few hours to spare before the debate and so started seaming the cable sweater--got it all seamed and the button band 2/3 done. I'm almost done with it, yay! I'm looking forward to getting back to scarves and especially to the 12 days of Christmas mini mittens so I can finish those before Christmas decorating time!

My first day of school was fine. I'm pretty over it by now.


rosy said…
Hi Kim
Have been off the radar for yonks and had a catching-up fest of blogs on Sunday ~ including yours. I was sad to read of the alpacas and hope the new one is thriving and dealing ok with the pregnancy ~ what a long one it is!!
Hope all well with you, Tim and the animals (that reminds me of a book I had when I was small: it was called 'Joc, Collette and the animals')
Best wishes from England
Rosy x
kathy b said…
Happy new School year. Glad the first day was ok. LOVE your scarf color lady!