Laser focused

I was wrong in a previous post--I onlh had to do four repeats of the X before the decreases, and once I got to the decreases it went really, really fast.

So lookie there. I have two sleeves that look pretty identical. Now I have to block the whole thing and sew it together, which probably won't happen til next weekend--but we'll see.

Classes start tomorrow. I teach two classes, and I'm in class Monday and Wednesday from 9-12. That's a pretty good gig, as it leaves times for meetings and research. Last fall I also taught Fridays 9-12 and on Wednesday afternoons I often thought "well now I can start thinking about next we---oops, no, have to get through Friday." And we often have meetings on Friday afternoons so Friday became sort of a lost day. So I'm happy with the schedule.

I forgot one other book that I read. It was called "The Gilded Years" and it was about the first black woman who attended Vassar--except she didn't say she was black, she 'passed' as white as when it she was of college age (end of the 19th century) black women were generally banned from white schools. It is based on a real person--Anita Hemmings--and her story (her real story) is fascinating. Her 'novelized' story becomes sort of a sad romance (with a happy ending) but it was good--and it seemed to capture women's college life pretty well (although what do I know, really?). Anyway--it was a good book and I learned about a time of our history that I know nothing about.

Kathy asked how often I visited the alpacas. I'm planning to make time to go visit Tink every two weeks, if not more often. I find that visiting Aragon Alpacas is really calming to me, and I find myself stressing over everything, so that calming is needed. I went to see her Friday morning and the girls were all in the farthest away field--probably a quarter mile from the house (I may be exaggerating) and it was calming just to slowly approach them. Once I got close, I stood still for a while and let them know that I wasn't coming to hurt them. Tink's daughter (Georgia) came up and gave my face an overall sniff and then went over to Tink (I think to tell her that I"m OK....Georgia is very gregarious). I'd like them to all feel more comfortable around me.

We're off to Dorris Ranch, an old filbert farm, to walk the dogs. Enjoy Sunday!


kathy b said…
aww I know you are going to enjoy counting down the days to each visit!