Must. Finish. Sleeve.

I feel like I can't work on anything else until this sweater is done.
This is the second sleeve. There are four 'x' s before the decrease. I have done 2.5 xs. I think the decreases have an x and a half, but it will go fast once I get there.

So it is Friday, and I guess we're back on some type of a fall schedule. No long morning walks--it is already dark and rainy, so this morning when we got up I did some exercising (weights and the Pilates 100) so that felt good--haven't worked with weights for a few weeks. As some of you know, I took three different spills and scraped up most of my right shin while in Hawaii. The right leg is healing--and of course yesterday I took a spill on some gravel on a hill and messed up my left knee and the heel of my right hand. I'm a bit of a mess--I was incredibly sore yesterday (already had some type of sore muscle on my left hip) and as one of my colleagues suggests, I need to live in a bubble suit (it actually sounds kind of nice and cozy).

I did read two books over vacation. The first was Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst. It is a story of a family with a daughter who is "on the spectrum" and they follow a specialist to live at a camp in New Hampshire and try some alternative therapy. It is told from multiple points of view and it is done well. I really enjoyed it.

I was kind of disappointed in Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. As some of you know, one of my absolutely favorite books of all time is State of Wonder. That book is a BIG book--big characters, big spaces, big stories. Commonwealth is the opposite-small and hard to like characters, small settings, small stories that all build up to the story of two different families over a period of a generation that are intertwined. I was really looking forward to it (maybe that is part of the disappointment?) but there you go.

Rachel asked about Tink, my new alpaca. Well, she has 'spit off' at least three times which is the best sign we have that she is pregnant. Two other pacas also have been spitting off. Tink will be due the first week in August (approximately) with the other girls due in the following weeks. So that's great news!

So there you go. That's my life in an nutshell.

Hope you have a good weekend--


kathy b said…
Overjoyed about TINKS spitting!!!!! First week in that's a long gestation. :) How often do you visit her?

Love your sleeves Lady!
Rachel said…
Ditto on Kathy's comment...great news about Tink and holy cow, that's a long gestation for such a small animal! Thanks for sharing...

I was sad to hear that you thought Commonwealth wasn't that good. She is a favorite author and I've had that book on my to read list as soon as it came out (interestingly, I have not yet gotten to State of Wonder yet either...need to move that up the list because for some reason, I keep hearing about that book again from all kinds of sources).
Kim in Oregon said…
Rachel--please read State of Wonder first---I'm sure you will enjoy that. Interestingly, I just read a GLOWING review of Commonwealth today in the paper. So maybe it is just me. :-)