QUORA from Paradise

It is early  Monday morning here--Tim is still asleep and I am awake and sitting on the lanai and watching the Myna birds and doing Kathy's Quora:

Would you rather have someone sit by you and teach you a knit skill, or watch something on you tube and learn?
I'll go with Youtube for this one (a good Youtube not a crummy one)

What is the largest number of stitches you have ever had on a circular needle at one time?
I'm sure over 500--maybe once or twice--

Would you rather learn falconry or swim with a dolphin?
There's a big part of me that leans to the dolphin but that's just not good for them I don't think--I'll go with falconry

Coffeecake or cheesecake?
I'm good with either :-) --in my hometown of St. Louis they make a great coffee cake called Gooey Butter Cake.

Bacon or sausage?
Sausage first and bacon second

Do you use any solar energy?
We have solar powered outdoor lights that break all the time

Witchyporides again or Henpecked.? (Blue Moon Sock Yarns)
They're both good--I'll go with Witchypoo

How much does a wool cycling jersey cost today?
Ha no idea?

What handknit gifts get the most usage per year, in your family?
People HATE getting handknits from me---except Tim who happily wears hats I knit him!

Apple butter or applesauce?
Oh let's just go with butter!


kathy b said…
Ohhhh Thanks for playing while you are away! Tim wearing your knits is so AWESOME. How is the new alpaca doing? Have you heard