Taking an excel break

I had a paper accepted--woohoo!!!--and need to do two things to it. First, I need to replace the (admittedly) hard to follow tables with more interesting diagrams. Such as this one:

Won't that liven it up?

Second, I have to use British English spelling and grammar. So I have to wrestle with that on Word. Good times!

I've done a bit of work on the Koi Pond and now am halfway through with the lace edging:
Here's a closeup of the edging:
Almost done!

You may have noticed I"m not doing NaBloWriMo this year because there's just too much going on. Sorry to everyone who I saddened with that decision.


kathy b said…
Love how the Koi pond is coming alongWOW. You post often so NaB. etc is no big deal . You have to back away if its not fun! Al's learning excel for her NEW job! We are thrilled. She knows some but she's going to learn more. She's going to work on the administrative side of the Oklahoma organ donation team. I think its going to be a great fit for her. Something she can get behind and really use her many skills .
KSD said…
Your Koi Pond has me re-re-re-reconsidering buying a kit for myself.

And, you aren't a cartographer, for crying out loud! You're a wordsmith. Let the tables take care of themselves.