Trinket mitts

These mitts are actually called the "Traveling Cable" mitts and I have a feeling I have knit these before--I love this lattice-type of cable. I have renamed them the 'Trinket' mitts for a special reason: the yarn for these is from an alpaca named Trinket who lives at Aragon Alpacas. The yarn itself is a blend of alpaca and bamboo, and I think the bamboo gives it the pinky color.

We're done with week 8, and next week is a short week (in oh so many ways, the students' attention span is nonexistent as we move toward a long weekend) and the week after that is the last week of the term. We get a nice long break this time--grades are due on the 9th and we don't start back until January 9th. I have to work on a few research projects so I'm looking forward to having a bit of a focused time.

Tomorrow is Tim's birthday which will involve gifts and a lovely dinner out. As I mentioned earlier, it is the start of the season!


Zippi Kit said…
That's a very pretty mitt and soft looking yarn. My daughter asked me to knit mitts for the hospital in her town. This would be a perfect pattern.

Happy Birthday to your hubby.
kathy b said…
Even more special as its from someone you know! Hows our momma these days? Happy upcoming break!
kathy b said…
Oh and happy birthday fun!