Planning, winding, photo-ing

So yesterday I wrote that I wasn't sure what would come in the knitting, so I did take a bit of time to think things through. And once I thought things through, I wound some things up:

Note: I think I need to change the settings on my camera--everything is so dark! Anyway, clockwise from the very top: some blue (not purple) Cascade (3 balls) for a cable sweater (yes I have more), some dark striped yarn for socks for Tim, the light blue yarn is for Folklore Socks, moving to the left hand side is yarn for One & Done and the brownish yarn is for the Sometimes Hat.

I did cast on yesterday, for both the Sometimes Hat:
And also for One & Done:
Yes, I really need to lighten these up.

In other news, I made Toll  House Cookies yesterday and did a lot of reading. It will be a very hectic week coming up so I'm gathering my resources.


Rachel said…
so many knitting possibilities with that yarn. And Toll House cookies? That seems like the perfect resource to gather!