Clearing the Decks

I'm off to Boston tomorrow, and have spent most of yesterday and most of today getting stuff ready. There's really three aspects: 1. getting all my stuff ready for the conference (I'm in four different sessions), 2. getting all the stuff done that I won't have time to do while I'm in Boston and 3. getting the house in some order so Tim doesn't have to worry about too much house stuff while I'm gone.  I'm almost there. (Note to self: HEADPHONES).

Here's the status of the top:

It is a beautiful sunny day today and so you can get a much better idea of the colors in this photo.

So I've noticed something: whenever I catch up and get some stuff off the to-do list early, a bunch more stuff pops up. If I hadn't finished stuff early, would this additional stuff pop up?

I know I need to say no to stuff but when I get a request for a letter for a colleague or a student that I like a lot then I feel bad about saying no. But it is soon to be 'external review' season (when I get asked to evaluate other scholar's work at other institutions) and I think I'll be saying no to some of those. But we'll see.

Have a good rest of the week and see you soon!


kathy b said…
LOVE your Doreen top so far. The blues are perfect. Nice nice job. Have fun and be safe!!!