Less Oof-y

As Erica suggested, the bug is running its course and I feel better today--thank you for the good wishes. I felt kind of blah last night but had a great night's sleep and now am feeling pretty exhausted (boo) but the stomach cramps are almost all gone (yay). And I'm blah enough to rationalize missing a faculty meeting, which is fine since the main topic is All The Money We Do Not Have.

So in between my malaise (I love that word, and I love when Tim says it because he can drag it out so well) I've been doing a bit of this:

It is called the Monoshone Creek Cowl and it was meant to be in a bulky yarn but I'm not a bulky yarn woman, so yeah. It is an eight row pattern that looks very cool. I hate moss stitch, but luckily the most number of moss stitches is 11 or so---I can handle that.

There are two interesting aspects to this pattern. First, it is supposed to be cast on with a provisional cast on but Kim Knits don't play that. The pattern, clearly knowing me and my lack of enthusiasm and coordination for the provisional cast on, suggested the backwards loop cast on. So I did that, and I can see how easy it will be to put the stitches back on the needle for a graft.

Second, this pattern has an ingenious 'icord' edging. On every row, right side or wrong side, the first three stitches are knit and the last three are slipped with yarn in front. When you knit the first three stitches, then, the sort of faux icord forms on the edges. Edges don't flop around or curl under inappropriately. It is genius, I tell you.

I was playing around with stitch patterns for a new sock (I wanted to try a different pattern in the Zigzagular sock) and after spending some time drawing stuff I realized I was drawing a double helix and lots of those charts are out there. DOH! Plus I should just knit on the three things I have and not get distracted by other things.

Enjoy Friday!


KSD said…
How is he with "ennui"?
Kim in Oregon said…
I can't recall him every saying it, now that you mention it.