Well that went by fast

Today is the last day of Spring Break. It was a good week, as mostly what I wanted to do is prep for spring term. I'm teaching two classes, one of which is new, and yesterday I got that pretty much pulled together (last task: discussion questions for all classes posted on Canvas). So bring it on, I guess. I have two afternoon classes and I haven't taught afternoons for two years so we'll see how this goes.

The back of the summer top is finished:

I didn't have quite enough of the two blues so I added a bit of light pink in at the top. It looks fine. It is using up stash. I'm not sure why this is taking me so long but yeah.

The UO Ducks are in the final four! I'm not a basketball person but it is nice that they are doing well. Plus, in my bracket, I have both UNC and UO in the final four so I'm guaranteed a team in the finals. This is BIG NEWS for me as I am known as the person who always has the worst, worst bracket imaginable. 

Not sure what else I'll do today--I'm having rescheduled coffee with Lauren and then we're meeting our architect later. Will probably just putter this morning.


kathy b said…
Wow your top is wonderful. You have time before it is wearing weather!!!
WOW your final four is way better than mine. GOod girl! I have No carolina winning it all. But my hopes of a prize are out. I could finish in 10th which would be a personal best for me