No, it's not my age. I have 42 papers to grade this week. Week 3 of Spring term, and 42 papers!

It kind of sounds worse than it is though. 24 of them are one page creative briefs and 18 are three page papers from my Honor's class. I only assigned written work to both classes during two weeks this term--week 3 and week 5--and this is the one week I have to get them all graded pretty quickly in order for the students to use the comments (hahahahahahah I'm so funny--they don't look at the comments actually) to improve on future work. The good news is that I already have 10 of the short ones done (they are due at 2pm so they'll be coming in all morning) and 2 of the longer ones done (those aren't due til tomorrow at 4).

This is the start of the River shawl, which was probably free of charge last week and now is a 'for sale' pattern. I'm using the leftovers of the beaded silk and I love how it is looking--it is astonishing to me how beautiful the colors of silk are.

What's up with you?