Cursed Callum?

I hope this project isn't cursed.

This is Callum, in particular the shoulders of Callum (this pattern has a very interesting construction technique--you knit the backs of the shoulders, join them, then pick up and knit for the front of the shoulders, then join them (which I'm about to do).

I had to rip out the first attempt at shoulders because the gauge was horribly off.

I had joined the fronts, but didn't realize I had a twist in it and it wasn't going to lay flat. So I had to rip out the join and now I'll do that again.

There's a lace panel in the front and once that gets done then it is straightforward knitting (I think I'm supposed to spit now--or something--to make sure I haven't cursed myself again). We'll see.


kathy b said…
hahah SOrry> Speaking of Spitting. Hows the Cria prospects?????
KSD said…
I had to read the construction three times, then close my eyes to try and envision it. Good thing it's your project.