Friday wrap up

1. Apparently we are in for a few more days of coolness and then the spring warm up starts next week--yay May! I'm really ready for some nice weather. We are planning to take advantage of a non-rainy day and take the dogs to the coast tomorrow.

2. I had some down time after I got home from class yesterday (before Tim got home--he stayed a bit late a work) and cast on for a new shawl called B e l B e l.  Check out the link on Rav--the pattern is free through the weekend. It is still early days obviously.  Here is all I have done.

And here it is close up.
The yarn was wound into a ball but I'm pretty sure it is a Miss Bab's Yowza yarn. There's a lot of yarn in a yowza skein, and my goal is to use it all up for a huge cozy shawl.

3. I should have led with this but---Tink is definitely pregnant. Dr. Pat was at the farm yesterday (I was in class) to check some 'pacas with ear infections and brought his portable ultrasound to check out two other 'pacas--Chanel and Catalina. Those girls aren't showing consistent indications of being pregnant, but Tink is so there was no real reason to confirm her pregnancy. Well--Dr. Pat checked both girls and both came up negative for pregnancy. He was concerned that his ultrasound was not calibrated correctly, so he tested Tink (if she had turned up not pregnant as well he would have recalibrated the ultrasound). But Tink's pregnancy was confirmed so I'm happy for her but sad for the other girls, although there's no reason not to try again.

ETA: possible names for the cria are Tiger Lily (for a girl) and Ravello (for a boy). Both names affiliated with Peter Pan (as is Tinkerbell, obviously).

4. Just finished week 4 (out of 10). Next week will be my absolute worst week of grading: 23 papers from one class, 18 from the other, and 7 group projects. Argh! The better news is that week 6 is only a 'half week' as most of the ad majors are off to New York for Creative Week so I've cancelled half of my classes in the first half of the week--that gives me extra time to grade. And then after week 6 it is pretty much all down hill to summer.

Enjoy the weekend!


kathy b said…
Oh my gosh. TINK IS Pregnant. I am so so thrilled. I 'd have to think of other names for fun. Shadow, of course. You can Fly, call name Fly. When is the due time??????
Kim in Oregon said…
I love the name Shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We think mid-August for the cria!
KSD said…
I'm just glad they didn't have to make her pee on a stick.