More spring

Kathy commented that there was some bad weather in the forecast in Wisconsin, and there's bad weather forecast for the east coast as well. We all might need a bit of spring, courtesy of my tulips:

These are all close to the street--I have more tulips closer to the house that get less sun, so those will bloom soon and I'll have a bit of tulip time for a few weeks. I do love tulips so much. So do the deer, and I expect one morning I'll go out to get the paper and the flowers will be chomped out. Ill enjoy them til then.

Yesterday was my 'long' day at school---I held office hours pretty much all day from 8 am til my class at 4. I didn't sleep well (again) on Tuesday but I persevered. I actually got a lot done yesterday---some different projects moved forward, and had several good student meetings.

I hope I can get on a better sleep schedule. I do try to have good sleep hygiene so I'm not sure what exactly happened.

I cast on for a new project called Cullum but have little to show you. But--here is the other summer top that I'm working on with a photo from my 'home office' with one of my favorite colleagues:


kathy b said…
I recognize that WIP!!! I just read something about weighted blankets for better sleep. They seem expensive tho
Bridget said…
We planted tulips in our street planter a few years back, and they were so pretty! However, we went outside the morning of Mother's Day, an they were all dug up and gone ... so now we just plants impatiens out there, since no one seems to want to steal those.