One project--Two surprises

Here is something that almost never happens to me: a project finishes before I think it should finish.

Let me explain. I picked up the 'One & Done' at the start of the Ducks b-ball game last night* and had quite the hefty ball of yarn left. Then, toward the end of the game, I thought "oh two more rows and I'll do the dropped stitch and then I'll do an icord bind off." Um---not quite. Halfway through the first of the 'two more' rows I realized I had almost NO YARN left. So I had to tink back that row, then do a bind off (not icord) where I dropped the necessary stitches while binding off**. Even so, I was about 2 feet short and had to use two feet of Rowan comfort to finish it off***.  So that is surprise #1.


So I gave it a little bath this morning and then came surprise #2. The dye had not set at all. AT ALL. I kept dunking and squeezing**** and dunking and squeezing**** and pink dye kept coming out. I just gave up and hung it up to dry in the bathtub.

It did stretch out nicely, so that's good.

The yarn though--this non-set  yarn annoys me*****.  The dyers are still in business so  hopefully they fixed this issue (I bought the yarn at the last Sock Summit which was at least five years ago, I think). Anyway, that's the second surprise.

*the Ducks lost by one point. ONE POINT. They missed a lot of three pointers. And those Tar Heels are so, so, so tall.

**don't try this at home.

***luckily, I'm not the kind of knitter who is bothered by this.


*****I lost the ball band---it could be that the dyers warned that the dye would run, but this is sock yarn and many people****** just throw these in the washer.

******ok me


kathy b said…
I was rooting for ORegon . It was so close. And the fact that No carolina missed 3 free shots in a row in the end. Ugh. I hate to see all the tears this time of year. On to baseball.
Sorry about the yarn...