Yay for Kathy's Quora since I had another bad sleeping night last night. I kept thinking about how I didn't sleep well LAST Sunday and I think that messed with my head. I feel bad that my M/W class has yet to see me fully awake.

Kathy asked: *I caved and purchased a Earth Day candle from my hair stylist.  It was 12 dollars.  It helps provide water to areas that don’t have water access.  I went for a haircut, not a candle.
Have you caved in to the hardsell lately for anything? Nope! I'm tough as nails!
*Al wants suggestions for Fayettville Arkansas area.  Dining, etc.  Can anyone speak from experience ? (I have never been there so I can’t help) Sorry, no, I don't think I've even step foot in Arkansas (unless it is on the way from Missouri to Oklahoma---and just checked the map so I'm pretty sure the answer stands).
*Did you wear any of your handknits in the past week?  Wearing one of my 'One and Done"s as I type this!
*Easter and Passover are upon us.  Do you have special foods for this week? Nope--Tim and I discovered we still have Easter candy from last year so we're just going to make a nice dinner on Sunday.
*My Nana worked in a candy factory.  Do you know anyone who worked in a factory?  I'm sure I have--but can't think of it.
*Finally, I watched segment on 60 Minutes last night about how we are becoming too addicted to our phones, emails and computers.  How long can you go without looking at your phone or email? I can go days without looking at the phone. The email--maybe 24 hours.


kathy b said…
You have leftover Easter candy from last year KIM??? THat's beyond incredible to me. I have an awful sweet tooth. That's never going to happen here!