Sunday Catch Up

Knitting: I finished the Dolphin Cowl, and gave it a bath last night:
It must be cotton since it is still damp. Plus--this sucker bled dye like there was no tomorrow. That's two in a row. :-( I lost the ball band so I'm not even sure who is to blame for this. Not that I need to assign blame. OK maybe I do.

Reading: I read "The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend". I don't know whether to recommend this book to you or not. Probably not. It is a well written story of a Swedish woman named Sara who goes to visit a 'pen pal' named Amy in the small town of Broken Wheel, Iowa. When she arrives, she finds Amy has just died.  And Broken Wheel is Sad (in many ways). Can Sara bring Broken Wheel alive? Yeah, it was cute for a while but then it just got long and you pretty much knew how it would all turn out. So if you need a sweet book about books and don't mind incredibly obvious endings--go for it!

Watching: Last night we watched a Masterpiece Theatre from a few weeks back called "To Walk Invisible" about the Brontes. It got pretty poor reviews but if you have a chance, you should watch it. It is interesting and historically accurate and even the ending, which is basically a tourist video to go visit the Parsonage at Haworth (which, actually, I have done!), is fine.

Spring: every day the tulips are prettier. Enjoy.

 These two are from the flower garden in the front of the house closest to the sidewalk.

These are in the front yard closer to the house--they haven't bloomed as much as the ones closer to the street/sidewalk.


kathy b said…
Cant. do . sad. Admire those of you who can though!
My flowers here are starting to bloom. We have hyacinth which we never had in large bulbs at our old home! I am hoping for orioles and have the feeder out. Im on the porch! WHEEEE
elns said…
I am not in the mood to read anything dark right now. Maybe sad is a better, more descriptive adjective. My husband keeps pushing his morose taste on me. It's making me cranky. Anyways. I've not had multiple accounts of something positive for the Bronte sister piece.

Happy Knitting :)