More Spider

I have other stuff to show you, but I spent a bit of time on this last night and got to the heel turn:

There are three little spiders on the foot. And the best thing is that Tim likes them so as these are for him that is a good thing!

In other things:
  • I'm reading 'StartUp: A Novel' and I've just started it so I'm not sure how good it is yet.
  • On the television, we are watching "Shetland" on Netflix and "Victorian Slum House" on PBS. Both are good. We also have the latest season of Silicon Valley on DVD and it is so funny. So so funny.
  • I got home from the faculty meeting at about 3:30 yesterday so spent some time pulling weeds.
We have three weeks of classes left, but this was the last week I have 'something' on every day. This week was even extra busy because I had the Undergraduate Symposium on Thursday evening, so after my class on Thursday (which ended at 3:30) I hung out til 5:15 and then went to the symposium. Saw all the students that I know and I think they appreciated that I was there.

This last three weeks will be really busy (well, last four but the last week is finals week and I don't have anything except grading).  I have two doctoral defenses on the horizon, plus four or five undergraduate thesis presentations and two thesis prospectus presentations. I have the dissertations all read and the thesis are read (I think) but the prospectuses (prospecti?) have not come in. Plus I have one faculty personnel committee 'task' left.

I'm really looking forward to summer. Can you tell?