Black Sheep Gathering

I popped by the Black Sheep Gathering as I am a woman on a mission. The mission: to get more wool to felt to make our Rock rug (here is a picture I stole of one from the Viva Terra Website):
Tim has been needle felting the rocks, but at the workshop I learned you could put little balls of wool in the toe of a pair of tights and wash it in the machine to felt. We're going to try this with a bunch of balls in a pair of tights and see what happens. Stay tuned!

I got quite a selection of wool roving for the rocks:

Although they all look kind of black and tan here. Believe me, there's a good mix of, um, rock colored stuff here.

And some non-rock colored stuff was also purchased:

From the top: a turquoise gradient set, a grey-to-black gradient set, and big hunk of blue yarn.
Here's a closer look at the gradient:

This one (the blues) came from a dyer in Utah, the greys from a dyer in Portland.

Also--I didn't get a picture of the six month old Suri cria but she was gorgeous. I can't wait to show you all pictures of Tiger/Lily/Shadow.


kathy b said…
Oh I love your BLUES!!! The middle skeins look like our skies of late. Gorgeous blends of clouds and sky. I really want to know how the toe felting goes! Do you mean you cut a pair of stockings and put the yarn in it and tie it off and wash it in the machine?
KSD said…
Beautiful non-rock colors, Twinster.
Kim in Oregon said…
I'll post pictures Kathy. It is hard to describe.