Finishing Up

As of about 7am this morning, I clicked on the 'submit grade roster' buttons for my classes, and grades are in. It is a bit too early to start getting the whining emails (although HA--I did check the Honors class and so far more than 25% have checked their grades--and it isn't even 7:30). I also submitted a recommendation letter for a student to get a Thesis award through the library ($1500--I hope he gets it but it is a long shot) and I also ran a statistical analysis for my Hello Kitty Project.

TL:DR for the next paragraph: Statistics can be confusing.
I'm not sure I shared this here--I'm evaluating how different 'celebrity spokescharacters' perform for make up targeted to adults. There's a phenomenon now where make up companies are using all types of childish imagery---Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses, Unicorns--to sell make up to adult women (some call this tactic 'peterpandemonium' or 'adultescene'). An interesting article in New York magazine questioned whether this tactic would backfire as the purpose of makeup is generally to empower via confidence in one's appearance. So I looked at reactions to three ads: one featuring Hello Kitty, one featuring Miss Piggy, and one featuring Wonder Woman, and compared them to a 'control ad (no celebrity spokescharacter) and I found yes, exactly that--the celebrity spokescharacters do not perform as well (in terms of purchase intentions) as a traditional model. So I just figured out the best statistical analysis after trying to come to grips with the differences between ANCOVA and MANCOVA and MANOVA but now I don't have to because I did a regression.

Anyway--in other news, I picked up Kildalton--I haven't worked on this for a while, and it took a few minutes to get back into the Kildalton groove.

It's not really this purple--there is a lot more blue in it. But I can't seem to figure out how to work the filter correctly. Anyway--There's a lot of cabling in this sucker so it will take a while. This is pretty much the entire body of the sweater,  so that's a good thing, but it takes about 20 minutes to do a single row so it isn't going to speed along. I like it though.


kayT said…
I found the info about your study of makeup advertising fascinating, not least because I don't wear makeup, and never have done. But I think if I did (occasionally I buy lipstick) I would definitely avoid Hello Kitty and Disney princesses! Whoever thought that was a good idea, I wonder. Anyway thanks for the info. I love hearing about your job.
Troy Boyer said…
Well, YOur purple sweater is going to be amazing!!