First Quora of June!

It just wouldn't be Monday without a Quora from Kathy!

*1. Who or what  inspired your last Knit?  (Details below)
I'm trying to even think of the last thing I finished--I don't think there was a specific inspiration, I probably just liked the pattern.
*2. When was the last time you saw someone pray in public?
Hmm--probably a group of guys praying at the end of the football game.
*3. Do you have a favorite fountain?
We have a fountain I love on campus, the Columnar Basalt Column fountain, but I can't find a picture.
*4. What is the price of a gallon of gas, by you?
I think about $2.43 here in Oregon.
*5. Wave pool or Ferris Wheel?
Neither appeals, but if forced, wave pool.
*6. What is the softest wool blend you know?
Cashmere/merino. Or Cashmere/silk.
*7. Name a favorite singer who has passed away-?
Oh so many. Prince and Freddie Mercury come to mind.
*8.  What blog pal’s skills, or superpowers do you envy?
I envy that Kathy can come up with these each week!
*9. How you avoid sun damage?
Sunblock, and hats if we're out on the water.
*10. In a word, describe your lawn chair…
Stretchy-outy (it is a chaise longue).
(Yes that is how you spell it).
(Really? Look it up). 


Troy Boyer said…
You are so cute. I do start thinking of my questions over the weekend. I try to keep it fun. And IM wearing my Freddie Mercury T shirt today!