Monday Quora

Happy Monday--I guess it is 'officially' my second Monday of summer break but last Monday I still had a graduation hangover. I accomplished several things on my summer list last week---both professional stuff and around-the-house stuff. Today I already had a long morning walk and washed out the cat crate and it is barely 8.

Yes, we have a cat that sleeps in a crate. She is brain damaged and it manifests in different ways--a few years ago she started pacing the house all night and forgetting where the litter box was. Our vet suggested we crate her at night and we thought she would be miserable. She actually is good with it and often will go in there on her own at night (it is a large dog crate with her own litter box in it).

On to questions from Kathy!

*Do you remember where you were on July 20th, 1969 when Man first walked on the MOON? I'm pretty sure I was asleep and my mom woke me up. I was not that excited.
*Have you knitted with any of these? : Blue Moon Fibers, Lantern Moon yarns or Juniper Moon yarns? I've definitely knit with Blue Moon (love). I have a Lantern Moon purse. :-) It is really cute. I'm not sure I've knit with the latter two.
*When is the last time you won something? Probably something from my twinnie Kim.
*Would you rather knit with 3 interesting skeins or one gradient yarn for a shawl? Both are good choices! The latter though--only one skein needs winding, which is a win.
*Have you dropped something in a lake? Oh I'm sure I have. I have definitely dumped water bottles out of the kayak.
*Years ago: Cartwheels? Headstands? or Handstands? Nope  nope nope.
*Favorite Breakfast order? Eggs benedict, with spinach.
*Leave for a road trip: Early in the a.m. or head out at night? We've done it both ways--but probably the morning.
*Tubing, banana boating or water skiiing? I guess tubing because I don't know what a banana boat is (off to google). Googled. Tube.
*Do you change purses in summer? Yep. I used to carry a large woven 'kenya bag' in the summer and it always got filled with crap. This summer I'm trying a teeny tiny purse. It won't even hold my wallet--I have a little holder with my license and cash card and a few dollars. I'll let you know how it goes.


kathy b said…
Cat in a crate? Interesting. Glad the suggestion worked ! I know I couldnt manage with a teeny purse! I've tried and failed miserably!