Piece of Cake

The cake shawl has been growing (or should I say baking?):
I was working on the top part (lace section) last night during Grantchester and I think I messed up the pattern but oh well. No one will notice it, I don't think.

Yesterday I went and bought some plants for the front yard: some larger pots of Shasta Daisies, Yarrow, and Delphinium. It was still cloudy yesterday for much of the day so I got them in the ground and now if I can remember to water them, they should do OK. They were all looking a bit dejected last night but this morning they're all looking a bit perky.

Sad news from the farm--Ann had to put down two of the older girls--one had leukemia and the other had a stroke. She's sad but the thought of the upcoming arrival of little Shadow/Tiger/Lily is boosting her spirits a bit.  I'll go out there this weekend and say hello and check on Tink (and get some photos for Kathy!).


KSD said…
I'm not trying to be insensitive, but how do you know an alpaca has had a stroke? Are the symptoms the same as in a human stroke?