Post Grad Q?A

It was a busy weekend--we went on a hike Saturday morning (anniversary hike!), ate pizza, went to a grad party Saturday night, and then I had graduation all day yesterday (9am honors reception, 12 noon graduation). I 'worked' the graduation in that I delivered diploma covers to the people doing the diploma handing out so at least I had something to do during the ceremony.

And I had the honor of hooding two people.

But enough of that (it always takes me a while to process the end of the term). Kathy has very very important questions to be answered.

*Have you seen the price of a Yeti cooler?
So, I had to google this.I haven't heard of yeti coolers. But yes, now I have seen the price of them. Yowza. I hope they're worth it.
*What’s the worse tip you ever got for your garden?
Oh my, I don't really get garden tips! So I can't answer.
*Have you tried the new Philadelphia Cheesecake cups?
I haven't but I might see if they have them at the store.
*Are you a Cascade 220 fan?
Love it! The Kildalton I'm working on is Cascade 220 and I have some more for the Oa sweater.
*What’s the last magazine you’ve read?
I read the U of Tennessee alumni magazine the other day!
*Did you ever let your family  have dessert before dinner?
I'm not sure how to answer this. Sometimes we have dessert for dinner!
*Have you looked at the knitting and crochet patterns on line at Canadian Living Magazine?
No but now I have to go do that, don't I?
*What’s the age of your oldest knit or crochet item in the house?
I have an aran vest my mom made for me a while ago. We also have Aunt Ola's afghan that Tim brought to the marriage with him, I think that's probably old too (at least 25 years and probably a lot more)
*Is there a fashion trend you’d love to come back?
Hmm. That's a good question. I think those high tops reeboks.
*What’s your ideal days temperature?
70 or 72 I think.