Second Spider

I'm almost done withe the leg of the second spider and then will just have the foot. This goes pretty quickly, and sometimes it is nice to have a pattern where every row is the same. I have to say, though, I'm not using the chart--I'm using the written instructions, just so I don't have to count because when every row is different, I don't like charts as well.

If that makes sense. Which it might not because my brain is tired. Yesterday was spent grading and waiting for things to get turned in so I could grade them. My grading for my two classes is done and I have the grades entered but have not submitted them yet. Students have access to grades about as soon as I hit the 'submit' button and sometimes I just want to have a bit of peace before the grubbing begins.

I still have the final drafts of a thesis and a dissertation to read but I need to let me head rest a wee bit before I do that.

Sunday is graduation for the j-school (the 'all school' graduation is Monday). There are only a few indoor places that can hold the bigger schools (us, and business, and I guess architecture) and so we have to go the day before the big one. It is kind of OK, since getting to campus on Big Graduation day is a pain and it is nicer to get it done without all the traffic, but giving up a Sunday is kind of a pain. I'm not, frankly, a big fan of graduation---it has turned into a very long (400+ students walk across the stage and each has their name read---7 seconds each!) and that is just not very interesting (sorry 400+ students and their families). I'll be transporting diploma covers so at least I have a 'chore'.  This will be my 19th graduation at UO, and I think I'm just over it.


kathy b said…
Your spider sock is just amazing. SO so so cool. Happy 19th graduation. .ugh. Wish you could knit during the event!