Sunday Catch Up

I had a busy couple of days--long day on Friday (horrific faculty meeting) and just a busy day yesterday with errands and catch up on work and stuff like that. NEXT WEEK IS THE LAST WEEK OF CLASSES. Then comes the long long long break until things start up again in late September.

Quarters are challenging for most professors (and a lot of students) but the long break when the weather finally gets nice in Oregon is worth it.

The news is full of Oregon's popularity for the solar eclipse on August 21. A wide swath of Oregon is in the Path of Totality where there will be complete darkness at 10 in the morning! Oregon is also the first place in North America to experience the Path of Totality.

Eugene is about 30 miles or so south of the southern edge of the Path of Totality--we'll have a 99.1% blackout but we do want to experience the whole thing. The news is now saying that 1. half a million people will come to Corvallis (a town about 45 minutes from here where we WERE going to go) to experience the eclipse and 2. you should get to your preferred viewing place 24 hours in advance! I'm guessing we'll find a place on the very edge of the Path of Totality and hope we can get there without too much fanfare. It is just fascinating how this is becoming a Thing.

I have to admit, I'm kind of excited. But then I'm a nerd.

I've been working on the By the Seashore top:

I"m done with the stripes and the rest is solid with tiny cables on the sides. The sleeves are a bit differently constructed--not a traditional raglan but  a little more styled. I like it. I'm making it out of Rowan Calmer. There are three colors and I really like how it looks--primarily tan, with red and then white. And the stripes are closer together at the shoulder than in the body--it's a Design Feature!

That means I made a booboo and didn't want to tink so I just made it part of the design.

Last night we went to "SymFest" at the symphony.  It is kind of "pops" concert with extras---the ticket price included a pre-concert party with beer and wine tastings, a marimba band outside and a bluegrass band inside (it was a cloudy and kind of cool but nice evening). Then the concert and then there was an after party with a DJ and a jazz lounge (we didn't stay for that). The concert itself featured a really fun trio called "Time for Three" which does mashups of classical and modern music--they were high energy and fun to watch. There was also a local cabaret singer who sang Edith Piaf songs and a few Kurt Weill songs (not my favorite). And some lively pieces from the Orchestra. It was a fun evening, a bit more relaxed and younger crowd than the regular symphony, so that was interesting (in a good way) to experience.

Enjoy Sunday!


kathy b said…
The Path of TOtality sounds like something out of the PRincess Bride! How fun for you. Im excited for you to tell us all about it. Happy end of school for a bit! I LOVE your striped top. love love love it.