Back to normal

Tim's home---he got home at about 11 last night (he flew into Portland and then drove home). I waited up for him even though GAH the stupid local minor league team's 4th of July game went into extra innings and they didn't shoot off fireworks til 1:15am on the fifth. Oh well. It seems that all that fol-de-rol is over with now.

Now some updates.

1. I DID end up watching Citizen Kane on the 4th--that's a great movie. If you haven't seen it in a while, you should watch it.

2. I finished the cake shawl, which I'm ho-hum about.

3. I have a draft of the challenging chapter done and I'm proud of myself.
4. I've read a few books:
-The Chalk Artist by Allegra Goodman. It was good, not great---one cool thing was that it was set in the neighborhood where I used to live in Cambridge, Mass. I always like that in a book.
-The People We Hate at the Wedding. Interesting book. I didn't like it at the beginning, I kept going and really liked the middle, and then I had to hurry through the end because it just got boring. It seems like most books I read go on too long these days. Maybe I just don't have the focus?
-The Art of Vanishing--the second book in the series about the faculty member who solves crimes. I think that is it for the books, I liked the second one because no one got killed
-The Heir Apparent, about Edward VII. Yes, kind of a serious book about Queen Victoria's son Albert. I like it.
5. I have three patterns in the scarf queue, with yarn, and feel on top of that.

That's it from here!


kathy b said…
Glad he's home safely. I love the COLORS of your shawl Kim. Glad you got your Citizen Kane fix! I hope you are so enjoying your time off
KSD said…
Books and movies. Why are people making books and movies so long these days?