Catch up

I mentioned yesterday we had a fun weekend--walks and paddles and hanging out. At the risk of jinxing it, we're having a lovely summer after the very slow start: sunny and low 80's during the day, low 50's at night. We get up and walk the dogs first thing in the morning and enjoy the gorgeousness of the dawning day. This week my focus is on getting our book in some type of shape (it is due next month and we're in somewhat good shape, although I'm getting a bit stressed about my co-author).

But that's neither here nor there. And if the book is late, it is late. It is more important for me to have some down time this summer.

This is the Myndie scarf:

The yarn is a cotton gradient which seems like a good choice for this shawl. It is asymetrical and just the right amount of challenging for TV watching.

I read a really good book: The Jane Austen Project. I'm not usually a fan of time travel books but this one is interesting: a doctor time travels back to see what killed Jane Austen.  It was interesting and well written, one of the best books I've read in a while.

I'm now reading "The Heirs" which is pretty good too.

And tomorrow I"m going to the farm to help halter train some of the younger alpacas. That should be fun!


kathy b said…
I love your Myndie scarf. The gradient is working perfectly. Please take some alpaca photos for us. Give TINK a hug. We had perfect weather for a bit and now 24 hours of serious rains. Im hoping it puts my niece into labor. She's waiting....for her baby number two