Catch up

It is Tuesday morning (still early) and no cria as of yet. The birthing process tends to slow if it gets hot--and it has been kind of hot here. It is supposed to be a bit cooler (mid 80s as opposed to high 80s) tomorrow and Thursday, so I'm thinking it might happen then. But at this point--we really don't know. It is all up to nature.

So let's see-we had a nice weekend. We tried a new pub for lunch on Saturday (the Cannery) that we had avoided because for some reason we thought it was all pickled stuff (hey, it is hipster Oregon). But it wasn't, it was creative pub fare--Tim had a brat on a pretzel bun, I had a chicken panini with artichoke dip on it. It was good, and the french fries were great (our gold standard of french fries is Steak and Shake, and these were fairly similar to those).

Saturday night was the Symphony in the Park concert--it is a free concert the symphony puts on at Cuthbert Amphitheatre and while it is free, seating is limited so you need tickets--anyway, we got tickets and got some nice seats (it is open seating) and enjoyed a beautiful evening of music. It is basically a 'pops' concert---Blue Danube, Rodeo, West Side Story, Star Wars--you get the idea. We have a brand new Maestro and this was his first 'official' concert (we saw him conduct his audition concert) and he is young and enthusiastic and fairly charming. Yes, our own Rodrigo! (If you watch Mozart in the Jungle. If not, you should).

Sunday we hung out after a nice walk, and then went kayaking at the end of the day (around 5:30). I was getting pretty anxious, but the kayak calmed me down.

Yesterday I made good progress on my book (my co-author sent back a bunch of stuff). Around noon the electricity went out for a few hours (I think someone was digging and hit a cable).

And these socks are finally finished. I like PairFect---I'm going to see if they have new colors.

I read "Everything You Want Me To Be" (spoiler: it is not the next Gone Girl, regardless of what the cover blurb says) and now I'm reading "The Magpie Murders" which is intriguing. More on that as I get more into it!


Kim in Oregon said…
Tuesday afternoon=no cria.