Sunday, July 02, 2017

Early Summer Quora

It is early summer (obviously) and it is early (I'm writing this Sunday night) for the Quora (for me). It is also not yet Monday at Kathy's but the Quora is up!

A few Summery Questions: Please fill in the blanks-
  1.  This summer I have no vacation plans as of yet. I'm supposed to be thinking about that while Tim is gone. We may go to Washington.
  2. My Favorite State in the U.S. is  Oregon, with Massachusetts, Hawaii and Alaska close seconds.
  3. My favorite summer scent for soap or lotion is  whatever the smell of the Butterfly Bush is.
  4. My favorite art fair, craft fair or State or county fair is Black Sheep Gathering here in Eugene..
  5. What is the most number of times you have frogged a single  skein of yarn .  2, maybe 3
  6. No matter how hot it gets, I have to  have hot coffee in the morning.
  7. I enjoyed this comic strip as a child Archie (was that a strip? I know it was a book)
  8. The last thing I ate that was red, white and blue was  pavlova.
  9. If I could create a summer yarn colorway and name it, the name would be  Oregon shore. It would be lots of blues and greys.
  10. Name the last drive in movie you saw I'm not sure I've ever been to a drive in.

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