Fiddly cubes are fiddbly

I'm working on Cubetcha by Casapinka and it is fiddly. The cubes are the reason I'm knitting it, and I've watched the video five times and still am not sure I am putting the cubes together correctly. But who cares? It is fun and it will look cool.

 I'm using one of the gradient sets I bought at Black Sheep--there are eight different colors and so far I've used all of the darkest and a wee bit of the second darkest.

Here you can see some of the fiddly cubes.

Anyway--it is a fun knit and I'm all about the fun. 

Tink is taking her time, but there is some activity in the back end.


kathy b said…
Oh Im still saying 22nd!!!! Back end activity is good. Are you expecting storms? They bring on labor at times...for people
Kim in Oregon said…
It almost never storms here, Kathy!
Caffeine Girl said…
Hi Kim, I'm your swap partner! Somehow I had not run into your blog before, but I'm happy to meet you and Tink!