Friday Random

  •  I finished the back of the cable sweater and now only have the front. Yay!
  • I also finished "The Heirs" and I actually wanted to read it to the end, and it has an ending where I thought "hmm, that's interesting" so that's a good thing. I wanted this book to be better but I read it without speeding through the last third, so I guess that's a recommendation?
  • Evidence as to why academia is nuts: This article tagged as "why-game-thrones-shouldnt-be-used-effort-recruit-future-medievalists". You don't have to read it. It is enough to know that some medievalists think GoT should be used to recruit others for their tribe.
  • Jessie Cat went to the vet yesterday. It was highly insulting. 
  • This is the third pair of Pairfect socks:  If you look in the lower right hand corner and think that's a big wipe off of a dusty table--you would be wrong. That's my arm:
    ENJOY THE WEEKEND! We're taking my PhD graduates and their families out to brunch.


kathy b said…
The socks are perfection. I have a deep love of blues. Glad to hear academia is nuts. Nursing was certainly nuts too. I'm always amazed at the bonds between Phd Students and their mentor teachers. Have fun at brunch. Too dah loo