Hey Baby!

It's the 4th of July

There's a good chance you've never heard this song, by a band called X-- I think Exene Cervenka will always be one of my music goddesses (along with Chrissie Hynd

e and Debbie Harry). I love this song, and always listen to it on the 4th of July.

Which is today. Tim is still gone and Pilot freaks out at fireworks so it will be an at-home day. I don't even have errands to run, at least none that can't wait til tomorrow. I think I'm going to watch Citizen Kane on the telly. That's a Great American Movie, yes?

I went to the farm yesterday and checked on Tink. She is showing the initial signs of preparing for childbirth but it is still a few weeks off yet. Less than four weeks til her due date though! She seems to be doing fine and hopefully all will go well.

I tried an experimental craft the other day: a picture with a combination of wet felting and needle felting. Here was the result:
Thsi is the view from our property on the coast--it is a haystack rock looming out of the Pacific Ocean.  Here is what it really looks like:

Anyway--I took pictures while I was doing this because Kathy will want to know how I did it. For a first attempt it is pretty good (imho)---the ocean and sky were wet felted and then the rock was needle felted onto it. I'll try this again sometime too.

Have a terrific day!


kathy b said…
Thank you KIM, you KNOW me!!! I cant wait to see the process. I love the result. I'm so excited about TINK. Even with last years devastating losses I know from human reproduction and childbirth that such devastation can be followed with a very successful pregnancy. Is there anyone else who is due around her due date their? Someone she can commiserate with?