It's a Thing

That is, the big hunk of cable now is a sweater-ish thing.

Here's the front. One of the sides is done--it took maybe four hours one day when Tim was gone. I'm now working on the back--

The back needs about six more rows and it takes a lot longer than the fronts do (surprise). Please also note the color is much closer to the top picture--kind of dusty looking--than the bottom picture.

I spent an hour at the farm helping to halter train Stryder and Maxwell. They're both males about a year old. Maxwell did well and I had some nice bonding time with him. Stryder was---petulant.

He'll get there.

My friend Cindy, an alpaca farmer who is also an expert in animal communication, suggests that the cria will be born a week from tomorrow and will be a girl. We'll see. Ann is already calling the cria TigerLily though.


kathy b said…
Im so excited!!!! I am trying to send you two photos. One of art and one of pjs. both of alpacas. Can you email me? please
kathy b said…
Its purple rain or its raining purple on your blog today!